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Manufacturing Process

The heats are casted at our end with ladle pouring system having used appropriate quality of scrap and ferro alloys.The quality of our products is checked in our up-to-date laboratories with spectrometer facilities and the dispatches are made only after thorough checking and grinding of steel ingots whereever it is required. With in-house heat treatment facilities our ingots are preferred by our customers and are safely forged or re-rolled as required by them. Being an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company we are very particular about our process of manufacture and leave no stone unturned to keep our standards of quality.

Process Flowchart


Our company is also doing the steel casting of various grades of maximum finished weight of 3 tonne from 4.5 tonne induction furnace. Using modern molding technique sand casting like CO2 process, resin process etc.

The casting can be heat treated by latest design Heat Treatment Furnace Furnace installed in house. Machining of the casting can be done by offloading the casting to the machine shop, which is under our control.




Cutting If Required

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